New site sponsor, DC Seeds


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Great news guys! We have a full book of stock!

Payments are only via bank deposit at the moment. Please use your order number as reference when making payment 🤠

Remember to use the discount code TSE15%

- Dave
You do know there is a seed bank with a very similar name.



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That would be a question for Dave, I just supply my seeds, not sure how he has it advertised?

Old fox

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Aside from number of hits/page views to elevate site rank results in Google search, you can pay Google for a sponsored Link.


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Very generous.

Reading between the lines, DC is ran by a member here and its autos are supplied by another member?

Im really glad we have a local Seedbank that can theoretically supply the OZ market with top genetics.

The question then would be who has tried and do we have grow reports/ any feedback?

I for one would be only too happy to support locally, provided the quality is there.

afghan bob

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look guys sorry 2 interject but i can't help picking up on a somewhat heated buzz, u know insertment of a sharp object into the cranial cortex of pedros immense head.
i would just like 2 somewhat slow this eternal froth of burning at the stake with making ppl aware of pedros struggles with physical
dramas of breaking his back and the fact one more fuk-up, be it motor cycles or mrs pedro giving him rolling pin once over could result in becoming one with a wheelchair

i know he is one of better button pushers that aus has seen and would welcome fissty cuffs with certain unnamed crew on here
but he was the first person on other dark side site 2 offer me advice when no-one else would and would u believe that involved ignoring other yahoos trying 2 fly shit

i'll probs be on his no chrissy card 4 bob list 4 this as he wanted no-one 2 know bout his back
but fark it u gotta give him props 4 his spidey sense on growing canna, we've all seen his trees and that ferking dissapearing clothesline
yeah he don't mind dropping drunken bombs on ev/one and anyone, but he's a big boy
i think we should cut him some slack

afghan phantom says "when one speaks from heart doesn't mean they speak from brain"

to all u that have got through all this without falling asleep.........i applaud u

DC Seeds

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G'day all!

New month and we have launched
the .store now redirects there and hopefully makes us easier to find 👍

We have also made permanent price reductions across the site to reflect last month's discount code! Returning customers will receive some extra freebies for their continued support 🤠

We are still working on our US connection for some of their latest genetics but as I'm sure you are aware, post is difficult at the moment, as such we are sending all orders express for the foreseeable future to ensure you are not waiting for your seeds!

Spring is in the air folks 😎

Happy growing!

- Dave