What are you eating right now?


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Looks good mate , chimoen got a bread maker month back , the bread she made was way to sweet and doughy , needless to say she don't use it anymore

Any tips
Less sugar more flour..?

650 g loaf I use a T spoon of sugar ,,not sweet for me ..
possibly it wasn’t warm enough for the yeast to eat enough of of the sugar ,,just guessing
I got a cheap Kmart one and had a couple early fuckups but as long as the texture of the dough is fine it usually works s treat.
EDIT…and that can be adjusted.

I like cheese and onion bread ,,,fucken yummo,,,,lol

I really know fuckall about bread ,but enjoy mine far more than bought bread.


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Try Laucke mills bread Australia's oldest flour mills , their bread is easy to make by hand ,tastes great with plenty of choice of types.
And is well priced. Great Aussie product.✌🏻image.jpeg

Ganja Kaiser

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Just noticed some bread has been baking in this thread.

I've been really keen to make some Rye Bread with caraway seeds. Never made bread before so feel free to throw me some tips or recipes. I don't have a bread machine but don't think I need one?

Also keen to make some damper. Fucking yum.


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I got these a while back but despite loving hot food and my sauces, I think I'm going to give them a miss because of my gut and respiratory. Anyone else tried 'em?

I was thinking about giving them away. Still in date. Box opened, bag sealed still.

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I have t tried those, but I’ve had one with ghost chilli. They were hot enough. Looks like your have the Carolina reaper. The closest I have is this bottle of molten lava 37492221-637B-4D53-8E84-E9E79B498BD2.jpeg
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