I need a spiritual room

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God bless you on this happy Easter Day

He is Risen!

Overture 2:55
Comfort Ye 6:27
Every Valley 9:08
And the Glory of the Lord 12:30
Thus saith the Lord 15:38
But who may Abide 17:12
And He shall Purify 22:00
Behold a Virgin 24:49
O Thou that Tellest 25:15
O Thou that Tellest (Tutti) 28:58
For Behold Darkness 30:47
The People that Walked 32:57
For Unto Us 36:24
Pastoral Symphony 40:55
There were Shepherds 44:00
And the Angel Saith 45:10
Glory to God 45:30
Rejoice Greatly 47:22
Then shall the Eyes 51:58
He shall feed 52:22
His yoke is easy 57:55
Behold the Lamb 1:12:11
He was despised 1:15:55
Surely He hath 1:20:33
And with his stripes 1:22:34
All we like sheep 1:24:48
All they that see him 1:29:12
He trusted in God 1:29:57
Thy rebuke 1:32:44
Behold and see 1:34:30
Lift up your heads 1:38:55
Thou art gone 1:44:10
The Lord gave the word 1:47:44
How beautiful are the feet 1:49:00
Their sound is gone 1:51:33
Why do the Nations 1:53:00
Let us break 1:56:00
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