Higrade cannabis testing on phones lol


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No but this does, get one oz88.

Hardware and app. Actaully tests the flower in the testing unit.

Very interesting but for not for $999 usd lol
i watched the instructional video the guy sounds like he’s out of Southpark lol


El Dub

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Mate of mine has one of these. He claims they are good, I still reckon load of shit.

You have to put a few details in before taking photos, like strains name, breeder, some other crap, then you take 3 photos of different angles of the buds and it gives you a rough %.

You can take photos of unknown strains but without the strain details put in, it will come up with a warning saying that results are not accurate.

It measures the trichs by the photos, but trichs aren't 100% THC so not the most accurate.

Not my cup of tea. Cool novelty though I guess.

Old fox

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I've got THE top of the range whizzbang gadgetry to test my buds. It's called a packet of tally-ho. Burning joints provides guaranteed 100% accuracy every time 👍 Sometimes I want a more accurate reading, so I'll share a joint with mates 😁