Yet another Viet crime bust...

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Fucking meth heads going off their nut down the road from my place ripping letter boxes out and throwing them at passing cars , kicking fences all sorts of shit. Fucking area is going to shit. No copper's no anything


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Oh well, went to some effort to look legit. Not a complete idiot. Entered a completely new ball game by doing so though.

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Churning out 200kgs of flowers EVERY WEEK. If my maths is close, that's nearly $2Million a week in sales.


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Police raid $68m Queensland cannabis grow house at Rosedale, near Bundaberg​

Another massive cannabis grow house, this time containing $68m in drugs, has been smashed in a police raid.

Six people will face court on drug charges after police made a second major cannabis grow farm raid in as many weeks. On Tuesday, detectives from the Drug and Serious Crime Group executed a search warrant at a rural property in Rosedale, between Gladstone and Bundaberg regions. There they uncovered another large-scale cannabis production facility where a total of 13,670 cannabis plants were seized within 26 green houses. Detectives estimate the dangerous drugs have a combined street value of approximately $68.5 million. Picture: Queensland Police


A total of 15,088 grams of dried cannabis was also located at the property. Detectives estimate the dangerous drugs have a combined street value of approximately $68.5 million, according to a QPS release. Six people, aged between 27 and 40-years-old, were arrested at the property and have been charged with multiple drug related offences including producing dangerous drugs, possessing dangerous drugs and possession of things for use in crime.


They have all been denied bail and are expected to appear at Bundaberg Magistrates Court in the coming days.

It will also be alleged that two of the people arrested are unlawful citizens of Australia and will be referred to the Australian Border Force.

It comes just two weeks after detectives raided a property in Gungaloon (Fraser Coast) on November 7, uncovering a similar amount of cannabis.


Detective Inspector Brad Phelps said detectives are looking into links between the grow farms. “Between Operation Victor Alon and Operation Economy, this is the seventh farm identified and disrupted by the Drug and Serious Crime Group this year,” he said. Operation Victor Alon is the protracted investigation targeting organised crime groups operating across Queensland and throughout Australia.


We know that these groups operate within a sophisticated national network of production and supply, and we will continue to work through these connections as part of ongoing investigations,” Detective Inspector Phelps said. “$68.5 million worth of cannabis is another huge amount to take out of supply, in addition to the $60 million worth that was seized earlier this month.”


“These groups might be sophisticated but we know how they operate, and we remain committed to removing illicit drugs from our communities and targeting those who profit through the exploitation of vulnerable persons.”



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@Porky found a video showing how they deal with holding the plants in veg, using panda film. Also, interesting to learn how little is needed for supplement lighting (outside of daylight hours) to keep them in vegetative state until they're ready to flip them.

Fuck, i'd love to have a greenhouse. 😆
Yeah sweet!
These cunts are crims but these cunts are helping people. 🤔
Fucking joke!!

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