DIY Rick Simpson Oil, some advice needed


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I recently made a batch of both for a friends mother
1 was rso ( iso ) infused into coconut oil
The other a full extraction done with vegetable glycerine
She had been using rso (iso) and not showing any benefit apart from tiredness from the oil
I'm sorry, I must be dumb as, but I still don't understand.
What is the difference between a full extraction oil and RSO?
You've explained how to make iso (which is basically how you make RSO, but with frozen bud and in a small jar. Not entirely sure how to stick a pound of bud into a glass jar, but let's leave it at that, maybe you've been using smaller amounts of bud).
But you never explained what's your method of "full extraction".
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Full extraction is done using heat and time
This where the magic butter machine comes into its own with temperature and time settings
Do some more research and find the difference
Its not like he invented making oil , hash oil has been around for centuries
I pound of what ?
Home grown or commercial
If using commercial weed it would be unwise