You have been banned for the following reason: Spam




I just found this site and like the community atmosphere over ozstoners. I signed up a day or so ago but was met with this message today - You have been banned for the following reason: Spam. I use Tor for anything I want private, and I can only think your spambot didn't react positively to the IP address.

The 'contact us' link in terms and conditions is to itself, so it's just a page reload button. I can't access any other pages to contact an admin member. Definitely not here to spam ;).

Also, my account still exists so I can't post this with the username I chose. It's Caerus. I'll post this with italics around it so the system doesn't tell me the user already exists. Heh.


If ya gunna BAN me, how about put BANNED on me profile, and stop telling cunts that I'm not banned

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