Photo of the Month - September, 2020


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Photo of the month.

Thought this could be for photos of absolutely anything?

The prize for photo with the most likes is:

5 pack of Dope Seeds OG Kush Fems.


10 x Bianca Regs.

Bianca (White Widow, White Queen x Afghani #1)
Regs, F5's locally Aust grown over past 8 yrs
High THC, can get pink/purple pistils and colourful leaves late Autumn
Easy to grow - best to start outdoor grow middle November

Just in time for the outdoor season :)


1. Pictures must be your own. There is no limit on the age of the pic.
2. Each member can Enter up to 5 photos.
3. Photos must be added as full size images, thumbnails will be deleted. Only 1 picture per post.
4. Photos must have the TSE watermark on them and may be used on social media to encourage membership.
5. Entries commence September 1.

Pedro de pacas

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pic was taken about 50 kms outta kalgoorlie mate
Good luck to it then, the natives will probably eat it soon, they like a bit of cat, up north anyway
fuck not much for a cat to eat out there anyway

You should of caught it and made a pet out of it (y) , cats and humans go back a long way hey, wouldn't be without a few here

Lots of cat haters out there hey @ Oldfark