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Lol.. Not from what this Gen-X witnessed. Many Blue Collar Boomers in my childhood neighbourhood barely survived from week to week. Many of us kids either had hand-me-downs, or clothes that were bought from Salvo's. Pushy's were assembled by whatever parts you could get your hands on. Which reminds me of the times, whenever the Oldman went to the hardware store, I'd go with him just so I could hold/fiddle with a 24T rear spocket they had there. I done that for quite a few years. I wanted it for a fixed wheel so I could do wheelies on the bike. But it was $5, and to save myself and the Oldman any embarrassment, I never mentioned it to him that I wanted it. Just went there to hold it 'n dream about it.

Pity these snowflakes with their hand in their parents back pockets, had never experienced such hardship. Then again, I guess they're going to find out soon enough.
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