Increasing Inflorescence Dry Weight by Keeping Ya Babes Thirsty


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This study suggested that controlled drought stress can increase the concentration of the major cannabinoids THCA and CBDA and the yield of THCA, CBDA, THC, and CBD in chemovar II cannabis without reducing inflorescence dry weight and irrespective of decreased P n .

These results were achieved by gradually drying the substrate over 11 d until plant WP reached approximately –1.5 MPa during week 7 in the flowering stage. Comparable results can be expected using leaf wilting as a drought-stress indicator with fertigation triggered at a leaf angle 50% higher than in its turgid state.

This method for administering drought stress and the results of this study should be applicable for similar varieties of chemovar II cannabis; however, other chemovars or varieties may respond differently.


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dry farming practices have been round for a while , interesting stuff

pretty sure if you do a youtube search on dry farmed cannabis you should find a few
a method not for the faint at heart as the woman says in the above link vid

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