Effect of urine adulterants on commercial drug abuse screening test strip results


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There are some charts in the full study that show the results on what worked and what didn't. The brand names are Euro based,
but some of the things they tried are the same everywhere (lemon juice, vinegar, etc).

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Urine drug concentrations and UDST results obtained before adulteration are presented in Table 2. Table 3 shows how the tested adulterants affected UDST results. Vinegar (9 % acetic acid) turned nearly all UDST results false negative, with the exception of cocaine. Lemon juice followed suit in tampering, save for cocaine and opiates. Other adulterants were less efficient. Many of the adulterants invalidated the UDSTs, led by Cevtok (30 % NaOH), which invalidated all of them.Control drug-free and drug-positive urine samples tested with URIT 11G urine reagent strips and pH strips before adulteration showed similar findings suggesting maintained sample integrity, as expected (Table 4). After adulteration, however, URIT 11G urine reagent strips and pH strips revealed manipulation with some urine samples. WC Sanitar (9 % HCl) raised ascorbic acid levels compared to control and rendered the sample invalid due to compromised blood in urine values, plus it did not pass the pH strip test (see bolded values in Table 4). Vinegar (9 % acetic acid), lemon juice, and citric acid did change parameter levels of the URIT 11G test but not enough to reveal tampering. The pH test strip, however, did reveal tampering with lemon juice and citric acid. Cevtok (30 % NaOH) rendered URIT 11G test strips invalid on nearly all parameters and failed the pH strip test. Varikina (bleach; 5 % NaOCl), in contrast, passed undetected, even though it did test positive for nitrite presence and raised urine blood cells count. Asepsol invalidated the sample over protein values. Primosept GA (8 % glutaraldehyde) also rendered the sample invalid over high ketone values. Visine® eye drops, in turn, passed undetecte
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