Don’t Ever OVER react like me from some small dead buds from a culprit that was not.. not bud Rot. First time I done did it at 7.5 week as this occure


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But really a reminder post to all and anyone new that PEST MANAGEMENT CAN BE very simple and effective USDT you know what you’re looking at or facing.

First thing Your plants already “damaged” or affected. If it’s a clearly a random dead buds then pull them

This would liley be the Caterpillar issue they are usually green .. harder to find and small under 1 cm.. I found one took it killed it and then next day I had 3 spots of maybe 1/2 gram if dried destroyed. So I was like shit ITS THE ROTT… and as we had been having like 7-15° Celsius and also like 9-13 and even warm nice 5-19° in the sun but Yes I AM ALSO 6 ir 5 months out of SEASON USING PHOTO PERIOD PLANTS SEEDS STARTED IN DECEMBER AND FLOWERED IN EARLY MARCH I HAD WHITE STIGMAS.

Anyhow this is what it looks like it’s rotten bud like if it was DRY BUT ALEAYS ITS TINGED BROWN OR GREY… no dew or any white mildew or other strings from spiders etc. found no culprit but sprayed the pot with a natural snail killer and will help with the caterpillars. But it’s at end of stage have maybe 2-4 weeks before I hang this second one.

First got me 3 ~ ounces. More than I anticipated at its size. This will be much stronger too the crystals were all cloudy and had some 1/8 or so ambers and more of leafs like always. Anyhow it smokes fine. It’s very CEREBRAL like activates my pineal gland when I wear glasses it’s amazing..!!

The other plant in pretty sure it’s same strain from bad seed was same bad but Not sure …. They smokes the same ir very similar bbut this one I haven’t tried properly like the other I tested at 6 2”weeks on lol #firsttimes


These next plant and even this one gave seeds FROM steer i BELIVE or from the male I found in 1/3 I seedlinged or sprouted and so glad I do the other 2 they were the females LOL!!! The 1 was the maleSx haha crazy always do 2 or 3 or 4 and 4 or more one will be male guaranteed and GOOD FOR THE POLLEN, but for the growers know what they doing or want to try it. I just threw it.

Anyway I found 2 brown not yellow or green seeds in first flower and I suspect more in the jar. Then we have next plant I hope it stress seeds for gems used seeds I can help a friend who needs a lot of crossed strains to make a lot of bread medicinal and randomised types that I would have FREE ACCESS TO ANYTIME I WAS THERE! All oils resin hash tincureels drinksn and food maybe or gummies lol.

Here are pics of the rot froM the caterpillar and my plant that’s still up is tan pot the black is the one that was hung xxx

This is pictures so this one is the Rott from
Caterpillar killing it 3948C907-ECE0-4A41-901F-DED5CCE983A2.jpeg

Same here EB74EC45-570A-4F6E-ABBA-33B8E158793A.jpeg
same here
This is close up on some
Of my dried herb of No1 plant black pot C8CEABF1-7354-44DD-8206-63847374B33D.jpeg
This is also dried herb 5 months late :8 it’s better than most street shit no joke 833C3465-8695-4CED-B08D-A6E7318FAAD7.jpeg

Here is another I’ll try get better ones in next plant this is all chopped up into small buds in the jar and to collect crystals lol..! Jummmy crystals!
Here are my plants together before the pull of black pot

Thanks for looking anyone and to the people who said pull them about 3 months ago when it was right on Presex and I asked a random male female question your help wasn’t needed anyway so thanks for the help that was more a laughing attempt. Nor I have nice weed for me and guess what it’s legal to grow it here for personal use. Now to prep
For JUNE START for FIRST NORMAL SEADON! LOL! Topping at 5-8 node and or multi node cuts! And huge lst plans for BENDING OE OR SNAP IF HAVE TI AT INE POINT AND put along the fence! Feed it heaps mated done this tech for years on rods or pvc or mersl
Anything to hold it off the floor and not vertical and the COLA GROWS SIDEWAYS BUTS THE TIP GROW UP A BIT. Ten the side branches come
From top or the side or under and go to the light!!

Happy growing! Don’t over react ask google first as had I I WOULD NOT HAVE EARLY HARVESTED AND RUSHED T DO IT WHEN I DID… anyway lesson learned.!! Thanks for listening !


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