2020/21 Members grow comp.


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What a magnificent Sunday morning it is. I woke to the pleasant surprise of two new bambino's being welcomed to the first full day of Sun in their lives. :cool:

TBH, earlier in the week i didn't think i'd get to this point. Two seeds went into a glass of water Saturday week ago, and both had cracked within 48 hours which was to be expected. The following day though, the root of one seed was developing just fine, but the root of the other seed hadn't ventured much at all. Going by past results these sorta issues usually result in unviable seeds.

Anyway, had intentions of potting them up on the Tuesday, as us stoners do though, didn't happen until the following day. Anyway, grabbed a couple of 4-5litre pots, and some Searles Premium Organic Potting Mix, packed the first 50mm of the pot down hard using the potting mix, then filled the rest of the pots and loosely packing them within a inch of the lip of the pots, then run about 10 litres of water through each pot, until they're saturated. Now i'm ready to plant the germinated seeds.

Thing is, it all nearly ended there. DC me 'n being a slackarse opted to make the hole and handle the seeds with a Stanley Blade (usually use skewer 'n bread/butter knife). I planted out the seed with slow root growth no worries. But when it came to picking up the better seed with the blade, it happened to go in between the root and one of the cotyledon's which wasn't so bad until i accidently bumped the seed against the side of the glass while fetching it out. I'm fairly sure it cut into it somewhat, but to what extent is unknown. So there we go folks, a lesson as to why not to use Stanley or Surgical blades to handle germinated seeds, unless you want to make some sort of sprout salad.

So yeah, as you can tell by the long-winded post. I'm pretty happy punter to share this progress with you, considering it could've been much worse.


EDIT: It's dry as here still 'n when it's like this the countryside bakes. So currently they're partially shaded under 70% UV shade cloth for now. That'll come off once they can handle full Sun.
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How will this comp be judged. By amount of likes as with the monthly comps??
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